Our Specializations

SANITECH sanitary ware industry is specialized in high quality bathtub, shower trays, Shower enclosure, Bathtub screen, whirlpool and Air system.

Acrylic Bathtubs & Shower trays

SANITECH sanitary ware industry manufacturer’s bathtubs and shower tray with selected raw material from ISO rated suppliers. We use sanitary grade virgin cast acrylic for the manufacturing process. We strongly recommend sanitary grade virgin cast acrylic bathtubs, more specifically, gleaming, thermal formed acrylic bathtubs, reinforced with fiberglass. Acrylic bathtub material is naturally lustrous like glass. Bath tubs made with acrylic are non‑staining, and non‑fading. Acrylic bathtubs have a non‑porous finish that is easy to clean and warm to the touch. Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight, yet amply strong.

Shower enclosure & Bathtub screen

Shower enclosures & Bathtub screen from SANITECH is having high quality. Highly tempered plain glass is used which is safe and easy to clean. Aluminum frame is plated with glossy chrome color. We strongly recommend tempered glass for shower enclosures. Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than float glass. When tempered glass breaks it forms small cubicle pieces which will allow broken pieces to interlock in place with neighboring pieces. This means that if the tempered glass is framed it is less likely to fall in to lose pieces.

Whirlpool & Air system

We use whirlpool & air system which is imported from FRANCE. We can fix the whirlpool & air system on the bathtubs which is chosen from our vast varieties of models.